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About Us


Our journey began over 40 years ago, and we are proud of our journey and where we are today. We take pride in being a leading UK manufacturer of till rolls as well as supplying a multitude of products to those within the retail, hospitality & healthcare sectors to name a few. 

We will provide the best consumable solution for a business, regardless of its channel/sector, size, or location. Premvan exists to provide and develop excellence in logistic and purchasing processes for ''goods, not for resale'' (GNFR) 


In 1981 two businesses were born. Premier Rolls and Vanguard. Selling paper rolls to small users both business owners having come from NCR backgrounds, took the leap to run their firms.

The businesses specialized in selling paper rolls and were based in West Yorkshire.


In 2008 the business also started to expand into selling GNFR  (goods not for resale) across a broad range of retail, hospitality, and healthcare sectors.

Premier Rolls and Vanguard then merged to become a £12M business which has now doubled its turnover.


Premvan now turns over £24M and in 2019, was acquired by the evo group company after they saw the potential of what Premvan could continue to do.


The evo group is a unique powerhouse of brands leading the industry into tomorrow, with a turnover of £500M. 

We are here to support your business

Through our vision, our values & our people.

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Our Vision

Is to become a great company. This mindset and overview are underpinned by the book ‘Good to Great' by Jim Collins. We want to become great for our people, our customers, and most importantly ourselves.

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of our business and we take pride in ensuring they are met at all times.

Our values include service, excellence, integrity, reliability & passion.

Our People

We take pride in our people and when you join our team, you become part of the family. By joining us whether that be a member of staff, a supplier, or a customer, you can ensure that you will always be looked after.

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