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A brand new partnership, a brand new product, welcome soluCLEAN.

soluCLEAN is a brand of SoluPak, a local manufacturer of chemicals based in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, who cleverly came up with the concept of designing and making dissolvable cleaning products.

Everything from the packaging, spray bottles, and the product itself, is completely eco-friendly and can be reused, recycled, or fully dissolvable.

This exclusive range of cleaning chemicals from Premvan is eco-friendly and easy to use. Each product comes with pre-dosed, concentrated surface cleaning products, encapsulated in fully water-soluble sachets. The product is simple to use and requires no training. Add one sachet to a bottle4life, let the tablet dissolve (note this takes approx.30 seconds) shake the bottle, and your cleaning product is ready to go.

Covering virtually every aspect of the everyday cleaning needs for today’s

demanding professionalism, saving money, time and waste without compromising on high standards of cleanliness and

infection prevention.

All of the products within the range we sell are...

  • Made in the UK

  • Sustainably derived

  • Cruelty-free international certified

  • Vegan society approved

  • EU Approved

  • Concentrated ensuring they are economical and efficient

  • 90%+ naturally derived ingredients

  • Free from Palm Oil, VOCs, Phosphates, and EDTA

  • Pre-measured doses to optimise your cleaning

We are the only distributor within the UK to supply this product directly to the hospitality and healthcare sectors. If you are looking for a new cleaning supplier, or are an existing customer who wants further information about this exclusive product, give one of our friendly team a call today.

Call 01274 648850



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