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Supporting Eccleshill Adventure Playground

Recycling is an important part of Premvan, did you know, that we recycle all our waste paper, cardboard, and poly and have contracts for the safe collection and disposal of our waste materials?

Additionally, all of our waste is fully traceable :

  • Thermal paper is recycled into soft tissue.

  • Poly is recycled into industrial liners.

  • Cardboard is recycled into the manufacturing process for new packaging.

Our thermal papers are certified by the Chain of Custody Standard of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

This guarantees that the paper comes from well-managed forestry-controlled sources, from the forester to the consumer.

We also support Eccleshill Adventure Playground, locally known as the big swing, with our end-of-reel paper, which provides many hours of doodling, and other materials with which they build shapes and playthings. The playground has been in operation since 2005 and an established charity since 2008.

Looking to do more for the planet? Speak to one of our account managers to find out which of our products are eco-friendly and make the switch today! Call us on 01274 648850


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